pencilled is a change organisation, with a single goal of channeling creative ideas into a medium that acts as a problem solver for clients. We listen to our client’s needs, the output a great support element to the product’s brand promise.

From pencil to paper, from paper to reality, we give concepts a life of their own. Deeply entrenched in many other disciplines, we are always pushing the boundaries of innovation. It won’t be surprising then that a door gift idea gleans inspiration off an edificial masterpiece by Frank Lloyd Wright. The common denominator for all our deliverables is a well-planned concept that is an effective engagement tool.

We are driven by quality people who are unfettered, highly inquisitive and game to reinvent the wheel. These are the best people to uphold or enhance the brand promise of any product. In essence the pencilled touch is light but compelling.

pencilled’s works span print, branding, invitations, paper artistry, events and digital.