Behind The Scenes: Handmade Christmas

Handmade from start to finish, pencilled’s Handmade Christmas is a showcase of 12 (to commemorate 2012) Christmas-centred paper bag designs. This photo journal is a behind the scenes exploration of the process behind the creation of this campaign. Enjoy. read more

A Pencilled Christmas

Christmas 2012 marks a return to basics for pencilled. The concept? A paper bag which encases the shape of a Christmas tree when held upright. read more

OCBC Polytechnic Trainee Bank Officer Programme

OCBC Polytechnic Trainee Bank Officer Programme targets polytechnic graduates who are interested in a career in Global Corporate Banking or Global Consumer Financial Services. read more

Risk Management and Regulation (RMR) Intranet

Risk Management and Regulation (RMR), a department of SGX, required a refreshed design of its main intranet page. read more

OCBC Deep Reach Programme

Go-getters longing for a fast tracked career in OCBC need to look no further than the OCBC Deep Reach Programme, a specialised 18-month leadership grooming programme for degree holders with good Honours. read more

OCBC Bank Corporate Stationery

Taking heed from the simplest design elements and sculptural identities, pencilled’s remodelling of OCBC Bank’s corporate stationery boasts clean lines and smooth, sharp aesthetics. read more

OCBC Skyway

An evening gala for OCBC Skyway, a flagbearer in the iconic Gardens By The Bay, took place on 2 July 2012. read more

OCBC Group Human Resources Business Card

To further acquaint the younger demographic with the brand that is OCBC Bank, pencilled conceived a calling card for Group HR that was clean and succinct, while retaining engagement value. read more